Mr. Onnen, Principal

I want to be Mr. Onnen when
I grow up. - Gus R, 1st Grade

Concordia University's 2018 Master Teacher Award Winner


Miss Werner, Kindergarten

She is patient, kind, loves Jesus and, says you are a child of God.
- Grace W, Former Student
(Class of '19)


Mrs. Freudenburg, 1st Grade

The best story teller ever.

-B Richter, 7th Grade


Mrs. Bryant, 2nd Grade

She is awesome and I love her so much. She is the best teacher!!
-Elijah K, Former Student


Mrs. Frisch, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Frisch is a really
fun teacher!
S Humphrey, Former Student
(Class of '21)


See her intro here.


Mrs. Onnen is an amazing teacher.  I'm so glad I had her, and wish I had her every year.
-E Anderson, 7th Grade Student

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 1.03.14 PM.png

Miss P is funny, kind, also very passionate about her class. When you are sad, she will bring you up.
- A Wolken, 7th Grade


Miss P is very energetic and makes class a fun place to be! She makes the classroom environment feel like home!, Karley F, 8th Grade


  See her intro video here!


She is cool.  She understands us and gets what we talk about.

-Britlee W, 8th Grade

Miss Pawlowski, 5th Grade

(Upper Language Arts & History)

Mrs. Kollbaum, 6th Grade
(Upper Literature & History)

Mrs. Onnen, 4th Grade


Miss T is funny, kind, smart, and a caring person. (She's also good at volleyball) - Izzy S, Former Student (Class of '21)

  Watch her intro video here!


Mr B is good at teaching the word of God and and showing his faith. His classes are always fun.

- J Smutny, 8th Grade


  Watch his intro video here!


Mr. Whitney, Director of Worship & Music

DJ Whit is awesome and funny and makes music class a
very enjoyable time!
- M.J. W, Former Student (Class of '21)

Watch his intro video here!


Mr. Baumgartel, 8th Grade  

(Upper Math & PE)

Miss Tietz, 7th Grade  
(Upper Science)


Pastor Fouts is such a great teacher! He makes everything fun. Religion class is always the highlight of my day. - Amber S - Former Student
(Class of '20)

See his intro video here!


She is an amazing secretary. She is very caring and helps you with a lot. I'm glad we have her.
- Emma T, Former Student
(Class of '19)


Mrs. Signor, Teacher Aide 

Mrs. Signor is new!  She has an MA & 20+ years of teaching experience!  We're excited to have her on board!

Mrs. Heller, Secretary

Pastor Fouts, Senior Pastor  

(8th Religion)


She always has an idea of what I should read and they are
always great books!
- B Borchers, Former Student 
(Class of '19)



She make me laugh and
laughs with me!
- E Ottis, Former Student (Class of '21)



Miss Manette, as she is more commonly referred as, is our preschool teacher aide!


Mrs. Tillman, Librarian

Mrs. Richardson 
Teacher Aide

Mrs. Philpott, Teacher Aide