St. John students in grades K-8 participate in the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) testing in the fall and in the spring.


The fall testing yielded the following results for our school average (comparing St. Johns scores to other schools).


-Reading 72nd percentile

-Math 84th percentile

-Science 92nd percentile


This is the fourth year in a row St. John has had a school average greater than the 89th percentile for science!

More than numbers

St. John is proud of the academic achievements made by our students.  However, our academic program is about much more than what can be measured.  Our students:


-Pray with one another

-Engage in religion class

-Participate in devotions

-Are taught with scripture as a base

-Memorize scripture 

-Attend chapel services weekly

-Are corrected in love with confession and absolution



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