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Academics according to the numbers:

St. John students in grades K-8 participate in the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) testing in the fall and in the spring.
Spring test results:



  • Science School Average = 89th percentile

  • 4th year in a row  St. John scored ≥ 89th percentile for science!

St. John's average test score ≈ to National average

  • St. John 4th Math ≈ 5th Grade in Winter

  • St. John 5th Math ≈ 7th Grader in Winter

  • St. John 6th Math ≈ 11th Grade in Fall

  • St. John 7th Math ≈ > 12th Grade

  • St. John 8th Math ≈ > 12th Grade

St. John Math growth compared to National norm referenced fall to spring growth

2021 St. John Math MAPs Growth.jpg


  • 82% of St. John students scored at
    or above the norm referenced average.

  • Language School Average for the fall = 76th percentile


  • Reading School Average = 68th percentile

More than numbers

St. John is proud of the academic achievements made by our students.  However, our academic program
is about much more than what can be measured.  Our students:
-Grow their Biblical literacy
-Gain confidence defending their faith
-Learn to lead others in prayer
-Develop a repertoire of scripture verses
-Engage daily in scripture and devotions
-Take on leadership roles in their faith

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