While we try to accommodate incoming families, we do typically have a waitlist for care.


Waitlist Procedure

We ask all prospective families to fill out the waitlist application for potential enrollment. Priority is given to current families and teachers' children. As spaces open, we call down our waitlist to offer the available space by contact date. At In His Arms Community Childcare, the continuum of care is one of top priorities for our students, families and teachers. We ask that families get to know our values, mission, and philosophy before enrolling to make sure that we are a long term and good fit for family's needs.



What is the process of the waitlist?

The first step is to email your waitlist application to childcare@stjohnbc.net. Your name will be placed on the waitlist by first date of contact. You will only be added via email or drop-in. Phone calls do not get you added to the waitlist. When an enrollment space opens up at In His Arms Community Childcare, the director will contact families starting from the earliest date of contact. Families will have 48 hours to respond, and then the director will contact the next family. At this point. a tour of the facility will be scheduled and you will receive the family handbook and enrollment information.

How do enrollment openings work at In His Arms Community Childcare?

At the start of every school year, there are typically 8-12 preschool openings. Toddler and infant openings are determined based on the age of the child and transition dates.

If I pass up an offered enrollment space, will I be guaranteed one later?

We can only guarantee the space that is currently being offered. If you choose to pass on an enrollment space, there is not a guarantee that a space will open again for your child.

How often should I be in touch?

Please contact In His Arms Community Childcare at childcare@stjohnbc.net each May to express interest in a space in our center. Decisions regarding spots are made in July for the following August for the preschool room and as spots open in infant and toddler rooms.

Are there priority families at In His Arms Community Childcare?

Currently enrolled families and staff/teachers have priority for enrollment spaces at In His Arms Community Childcare.

Does In His Arms Community Childcare offer seasonal care?

For classrooms without a waitlist, seasonal care is available. If the desired classroom does not have waitlist, seasonal care may be offered. Summer program sign-ups for preschool and school-age classrooms begins in April.

Any further questions, please contact us at childcare@stjohnbc.net.

but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 19:14